Welcome to Bensen Creek Lodge

Your host from Dawson City, Gerard Cruchon, wants to make you feel at home by providing the simple pleasures of find food, a warm, friendly, safe, clean environment and intimacy with nature.

Gerard is a competent and knowledgeable wilderness guide with 30 years experience living in and exploring 'the wilds' of the Yukon, including the famed Dempster Highway. Originally from France, he speaks English and French fluently. Gerard also loves to cook, and takes great pride in providing first class cuisine. Celtic, his best friend and constant companion, is friendly and loveable.

Bensen Creek is the only accommodation-based adventure company on the Dempster Highway. Locally known as "The Dempster", this engineering marvel is a two-lane gravel road that stretches 737 kilometres through vast wilderness; connecting Yukon's Klondike Highway with Inuvik, NWT, in the Mackenzie Delta. Snaking a path through mountains and plains, the Dempster is the only public road to penetrate the Arctic in North America.

Tombstone Territorial Park is just a 20-minute drive from Bensen Creek and provides access and views of the incredible Tombstone Mountains.